About Ildefe

ILDEFE (Instituto Leonés de Desarrollo Económico, Formación y Empleo – Leonese Institute for Economic Development, Training and Employment) promotes business and commercial activity, and favours the employability of those who actively seek a job in León, by means of comprehensive and personalised plans.

ILDEFE, public company: our objectives

Ildefe is a public company of the City Hall of León, with the following corporate purpose:

a) The promotion and encouragement of local public initiatives which generate wealth, employment and well-being for the citizens of the Municipality of León, insofar as they contribute to the economic and social development of the city, as well as to the participation, together with private initiative, in actions of this nature.

b) The development of all actions related to professional training, employment generation and the adaptation of the workforce to the new conditions of the labour market, as well as its coordination with other actions that, with similar objectives, are conducted in the Municipality of León by any other entities or institutions, public or private, of any territorial scope.

c) The provision of services both to the City Hall of León itself, and to the entities, companies and foundations in which the City Hall of León participates, in terms of tax, accounting, economic and, where appropriate, legal advice.

d) The provision of technical assistance and coordination services in the Area of information technology and new technologies to the City Hall of León.

e)The provision of technical assistance and coordination services to the Project Office of the City hall of León.

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